Find alternative ways to get around town.

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People who pedal to work lose an average of 13 pounds a year. So ditch the car every now and then. Hop on your bike. Take a walk. Think outside the car. There are smarter ways to go.

Local bike friendly maps, the historic biking path, and other valuable information, are just a click away.


Walk to work. Grab a friend. Walking saves you money on gas, saves harmful emissions from ruining our air quality and gives you a chance to breathe a whole lot easier.

When you traverse Lexington at your own pace, you'll discover the little details that make our city unique.

Nationwide, people are changing the way they think about transportation…

We get it. Change is hard.
We tend to cling to our traditions and our ideals.
And what do we love almost as much as mom’s apple pie? Our Chevys.
But don’t panic.
We aren’t asking you to give up your beloved car—
we just want you to think about alternatives every once in a while.

You could walk, ride your bike, or hop on public transportation.

Going green is good for everyone.
Not only does it help our economy
(for every $1 invested in public transportation, the community generates $4)
but it also helps the environment and our own bodies.

Move it People is a campaign sponsored by the Lexington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
in an effort to help our city become the progressive, urban cool place it is destined to be.

So get out there and Move it, people!