Historic Tour By Bike

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The numbered stops on the map indicate historic sites and other sites of interest along the designated route. Each stop has a corresponding description in the brochure. In addition, historic markers can be read along the route.

All streets and points of interest cannot be included in this tour; if you have the time, don’t hesitate to explore on your own. The complete tour is on your map and is about 11 miles long. The tour map has several shortcuts, all of which are indicated by dashed lines.

Enjoy your tour and be careful! For more information on specific stops, click here.

1. Hunt Morgan House

2. West Second Street

3. West Suburb

4. Mary Todd Lincoln House

5. Woodward Heights & Botherum

6. First Baptist Church

8. The Opera House

9. Cheapside Park

10. Christ Episcopal Church Cathedral

11. Ridgely House and Gratz Park

12. First Presbyterian Church

13. Lexington’s Beginning

14. Adam Rankin House

15. Dudley Square

16. University Lofts and South Hill Station

17. South Hill

18. Kimball House Motel

19. Memorial Coliseum

20. Pope Villa

21. Magdalen McDowell Houses

22. Woodland Park

23. Hollywood Terrace Neighborhood

24. Mount Vernon Subdivision

25. Chevy Chase Residential Area

26. South Ashland Avenue

27. Henry Clay’s Estate, Ashland

28. Kenwick

29. Central Avenue

30. Bell Court

31. Clay Villa

32. Old Vine/Taylor Tire Building

33. Old Episcopal Burying Ground and Lyric Theater

34. Kinkeadtown

35. Kinkead House – Living Arts & Science Center

36. Constitution Street

37. Transylvania University, Old Morrison, and the Ugly Sisters

38. Gratz Park and West Third

39. New Street