Ways to Ride

Looking for a ride?  There are many transportation services in the Bluegrass that can help get you where you need to go.


You can get just about anywhere in Lexington for $1 or less using Lextran’s public transit service.   For bus routes, stops, schedules and other info visit Lextran’s website.


If you have a disability that makes it difficult or impossible for you to use Lextran’s fixed-route bus service you may qualify for Wheels, a door-to-door transportation service operated by the Red Cross on behalf of Lextran.


Rideshare by Enterprise, operated on behalf of Lextran, is a vanpool and carpool matching service.  If you’re a regular commuter looking to share a ride and save some money contact Rideshare for more info.

ITN of the Bluegrass (Independent Transportation Service)

If you are 60 years or older OR if you are an adult with a visual impairment (of any age) you can contact ITN of the Bluegrass to arrange for transportation.

Transit services into Lexington from surrounding counties: 

Several operators offer public transit service into and returning from Lexington to surrounding counties.  Most providers include stops (or a stop can be requested) at the Lextran transit center, allowing you to connect to public transit routes throughout the city of Lexington.

Transit services in cities/counties around the Bluegrass

Many of the city and counties surrounding Lexington also have public transit available along fixed routes or even door-to-door service for people traveling within the city and/or county.

Transportation for Veterans and Medicaid Recipients

If you are a Veteran or a recipient of Medicaid, some transportation services are available and provided to you and at no cost if they are for Medicaid-covered services.

Taxi, Uber & Lyft – coming soon!