Why Public Transportation Matters

Lexingtonians are Choosing Smarter Ways to Get Around in Record Numbers

LexTran Infographic

Over 5 million of us rode over 22 million miles on Lextran just last year taking the bus to work, to school and the Trolley around town more than ever before. Check out why public transportation matters to all of us.

Save Money

Not only with the average person save money on gas but will also save with less vehicle maintenance.

Walk More

We tend to walk more using public transportation. Walking increases fitness levels, leading to healthier citizens.

Less Oil

Reduces 1.5 billion gallons of oil annually.

Property Value Increases

42% is the average increase in property value near a public transportation system.

Breathe Easier

Respiratory diseases will decrease.

Fewer Green House Gases

24% less green house gas will be emitted thanks to public transportation.

More Jobs

Two out of three jobs created by public transportation replaced jobs hardest hit by the last recession.

Way to go, people!

Lextran keeps Lexington ticking along like the next “Great American City” we’re destined to become.